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I’m a New York City based reporter with a passion for online interactive media, news app development and data driven journalism. Basically, I gather the data, I find the stories, I talk to people and I present in a beautiful, digestible package for all to see and read. It might not change the world, but hopefully you learn something new by the end of my stories.

I’m a hard-hitting journalist interested in covering urban affairs, especially how agencies and bureaucracies work (and don’t work.) I can also write code, shoot and edit video, record and edit audio and pretty good what we kids call that social media thing. Feel free to peruse through my clips, projects and portfolio of work.

What am I up to now? I’m a full-time freelancer right now, doing data projects and writing articles for JJIE.org, Visual.ly, Voices of NY and AdaptNY among other publications. If you have any freelance opportunities available for data-driven work, please contact me at carla.a.astudillo[at]gmail[dot]com

In August, I finished a data reporting summer internship at Patch.com HQ. I’ve also recently received the 2013 Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize for Excellence in Social Justice Reporting. In 2011, I was an intern at USA Today working with the data investigative team in McLean, Virginia. I’ve also had my work published at the New York Daily News and The New York Times’ hyperlocal Ft. Greene blog The Local. I graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida.